The Biker’s for BooBees Story

In 2008 I was committed to walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. I was training for this 60-mile walk to put an end to breast cancer and trying desperately to raise a goal of $2,200 so that I could participate in this special event. Also, I had recently met Ronny Vann, and as we were getting to know each other, I decided to put him to a true test – “Walk with me while I train for the 3-Day and we’ll see which direction this path takes us.” Little did he realize then, that this was not just a “walk in the park”, it was a commitment for us and for the 3-Day.

We brainstormed on how to reach the money goal I needed to participate. Ronny belonged to a motorcycle club, and he suggested that we combine our efforts – and we launched our first motorcycle charity ride – Bikers for BooBees – in May of 2008.

We sold our idea to various motorcycle-related retailers and other vendors, communicating our passion for this important cause. While we heard a lot of “We’re not interested”, we never gave up, visualizing many more annual rides to come. Good news traveleled fast, and eventually, word of our ride reached 150 motorcyclists and riders that year. It was a sight to behold – motorcycles and people everywhere at Central Yamaha in Plano! Yes, I reached my goal, and the goals of many other walkers that received a donation from Bikers for BooBees.

And so it continues today, with the 7th Annual Bikers for BooBees. With a commitment, an idea and a man willing to walk the walk we have touched lives, heard stories of breast cancer survivors, and continue to have the belief that “Everyone Deserves a Lifetime”.